Discordian Saints

The Five Apostles

1. Hung Mung
2. Dr. Van Van Mojo
3. Sri Syadasti
3. The Blessed St. Gulik the Stoned
4. Zarathud the Incorrigible
5. Malaclypse the Elder

Saints First Class: Lance, Lieutenant and Brigadier Saints

being fictional personages whose conduct is inspiringly Eristic.
Malaclypse the Younger
(Author of the Principia Discordia)
St. Quixote
(From Don Quixote, Cervantes)
St. Yossarian
(from Catch 22, Heller)
St. Bokonon
(from Cat's Cradle, Vonnegut)
St. Zippy the Microcephalic
(From Bill Griffith's Zippy the Pinhead comics)
St. Cosimo
(from Baron in the Trees, by Italo Calvino)
St. Caulfield
(from Catcher in the Rye, Salinger)
St. Bob the Silent
From Clerks

Saints Second Class

being Saints who, by their existence, are ineligible for higher levels of Sainthood, which are reserved for nonexistent saints.
Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico:
The first and only Emperor of the United States, Norton made insanity work for him, and proved that reality is what you can get away with.
Other Nortonian links: (See also the _Sandman_ comic issue 31: "Three Septembers and a January", which covers the story of Norton; annotations for this issue are here.
St. Edward the Spectacularly Bad (Ed Wood):
Unwittingly became the creator of a new, completely unintentional, paradigm in cutting-edge cinematic surrealism.
For more information, see The Ed Wood homepage.
St. Francis the Incoherent (Francis E. Dec, Esq.):
See the Kooks Museum.
St. Archimedes the Screwy (Archimedes Plutonium):
Advocate of the theory of Plutonium Atom Totality, Archimedes spectacularly unified ancient Greek religion and modern-day particle physics.
For more information, see the Psychoceramics page.
St. Jarvis Cocker
Honoured for his timely turkey-cursing of the puppets of Grayface.

Aneristic Avatars

being entities who, in their vehement advocacy of Order, Absolute Truth and other such things, have done a great service to the Escalation of Wholly Chaos.
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