Discordian Holydays

Discordians celebrate* the following Holydays:
Holyday Name Significance Discordian Date Gregorian Date
Mungday Apostle Holyday of Apostle Hung Mung Chaos 5 January 5
Chaoflux Season Holyday of the Season of Chaos Chaos 50 February 19
St. Tib's Day Obscure. Celebrated only every four years. St. Tib's Day February 29
Mojoday Apostle Holyday of Dr. Van Van Mojo Discord 5 March 19
Discoflux Season Holyday of the Season of Discord Discord 50 May 3
Apostle Holyday of Sri Syadasti, or St. Gulik
(depending on whom you believe)
Confusion 5 May 31
Confuflux Season Holyday of the Season of Confusion Confusion 50 July 15
Zaraday Apostle Holyday of Apostle Zarathud Bureaucracy 5 August 12
Bureflux Season Holyday of the Season of Bureaucracy Bureaucracy 50 September 26
Maladay Apostle Holyday of Malaclypse the Elder Aftermath 5 October 24
Afflux Season Holyday of the Season of The Aftermath Aftermath 50 December 8

The following are other Holydays which may be celebrated:

Name Date Notes
Pi Approximation Day 22 July
Mad Hatter Day October 6 in US, June 10 in Commonwealth
23 May Unnamed day for miscellaneous weirdness. (Was Spam Jake Day in 3160.)
Eye Day 73rd of each Season
The Day of the Sloth 27th of each month

Modes of celebration

Discordian and other Holydays may be celebrated in a number of ways. One way is to go around, either in normal clothing or in robes of some sort, or perhaps naked, and hand out Pope Cards. Another way is to play an Erisian game, such as Sink or Discordian Mornington Crescent (though the latter is usually reserved for Eye Day). Yet another is to ignore the Holyday completely and act as if it did not exist. The best way is probably to avoid doing what this paragraph and this sentence say, reaffirming the Fifth Commandment which states that "A Discordian is Prohibited of Believing what he reads.".
Have I left anything out? If so, let me know.